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Caribbean Silk sponge

Ocean silk natural sea sponges from the Caribbean can be a suitable choice for bath,exfoliation and  face care. These sponges, known for their fine texture, provide a gentle and effective cleansing experience for facial skin.The fine texture of ocean silk natural sea sponges can help exfoliate dead skin cells and promote a healthy complexion.
Caribbean hard head sponges are known for their durability and resilience. They have a firm texture, making them suitable for various uses beyond bathing for instance menstrual- intimate sponges which are extremely effective, organic and reusable. 

Available sizes

Ocean silk type sea sponges are available in sizes from 4cm - 13cm in natural light brown color or yellow.

The Natural sea sponges company

Your wholesale supplier & exporter of  natural sponges in bulk for importers and brand owners. Available types for export, OEM and private label: honeycomb, fino silk, grass,wool, hardhead and wool  sponges for baby bath, face care, adults and painting sponges.
We Ship Worldwide

We Ship Worldwide

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