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What is a sea sponge?

Sponges are simple animals that lack tissues and organs,found in marine environments, attached to rocks or other substrates on the seabed. They are characterized by a porous body structure with numerous channels and chambers that allow water to flow through them. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

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What sea sponges eat?
How do sea sponges reproduce?
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How are sea sponges harvested?
Types of sea sponges used for bathing.
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How do you clean and care for natural sea sponges?
The process of natural sea sponges - From start to finish
Commercial history of sea sponges.
Where can I buy natural sea sponges?

The Natural sea sponges company

Your wholesale supplier & exporter of  natural – organic sea sponges in bulk for importers and brand owners. Available types for export, OEM and private label: honeycomb, fino silk, grass,wool, hardhead and wool  sponges for baby bath, face care, adults and painting sponges.
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We Ship Worldwide
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